Maqpie significantly increases the value of your web app by bringing a full-featured, messaging solution to your users right within their accounts.

No Programming Required

Add team chat to your app within minutes. No development resources needed. You can customize Maqpie in no time, making it feel natural to your application.

Keep Your Users In Your App

Stickiness and user retention is a key part of growing your web app. Maqpie allows your users to conduct key team communications within your app without needing to switch to another application. More value, more retention, more growth.

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Fast and Scalable

With a simple JavaScript plugin, Maqpie won’t slow down your app. All communication is secure and encrypted. It scales nicely with your growth, and allows extensive customization to meet your needs.

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Our features

Full Featured

Allow one on one chats, group chats, file attachments, emojis, avatars, advanced conversation search, and more right within your app using the chat plugin. All without users leaving your application.

Quick and Easy Integration

Configure and deploy in app team chat to your software in minutes. No programming required.

Highly Customizable

Make it your own with multiple themes and setup options.


Users can resize chat window to a larger view for longer chats and group conversations.

Advanced Analytics

See chat usage per subscription account to see whether it’s useful for your users. This allows you to study the behavior of users using the app compared to others.

Text Search

With Maqpie you can quickly search anything you need through the entire history of your conversations.


We care about security and privacy of every user.

Top Notch Support

We are here to help with any questions or concerns, 24/7.

"This new chat feature has been able to unify the office better
than any other program that we've tried."

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